Sunday, January 27, 2008

The week that was

I don't complain about my life.  I've really got it pretty good, but from time to time a curve comes my way.  Last week was just such a week.

While I as in Tucson about 10 days ago, I got up in the morning with a tight feeling in my chest.  I just assumed it was some desert allergy or me just not being used to the climate.  It was no big deal since I would be heading to the pacific northwest the next day.

The weather in SW Washington state was crappy, wet and cold.  My chest congestion began to develop into a full-blown cold.  By Saturday, I was home and was in full blown sick mode.  The worst part was that I would not be able to rest.  I had a workshop that had been planned for a couple months coming up starting on Monday.  The customer was flying their people in from around the country, laptops had been delivered and there was no way to get a replacement at this late date.

So on Sunday, I traveled up to Gaithersburg, MD and spent Monday through Thursday working through one of the worst colds I've had in a decade.  Workshop days are long enough when I'm feeling well.  I thought the week would never end, but it did.

I took the first flight back on Thursday evening (walked right on as a stand-by with out waiting at all).  I got home and crawled in bed for about 14 hours.

I'm feeling better finally.  My cold is down to an irritating cough and I was able to run some today.  I have another trip coming up this week.  This one should be a lot less stressful and I plan to feel a lot better.

Oh, yea.  I did play some poker last night.  I'll post my impressions on that outing in the next post.

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