Sunday, January 27, 2008

A Limit on the Insanity

A good crowd gathered for the Falstaff home game last night.  Instead of the usual .25/.50 NL Hold' em that we've been playing since I joined the group, we switched it up to play 1/5 limit dealers choice.  The games had to be something that was spread in a Vegas casino which pretty much meant the HORSE games (Hold' em, Omaha, Razz, (7 card) Stud, or (Omaha) Eight or better (O8) (Hi/Lo).

We spent most of the night on O8 and Stud with some Hold' em, Razz, and Omaha mixed in.  My night started out really rough.  Actually, it was pretty typical for recent games.  I couldn't complete any hands at first and didn't show anything down for quite a while.

The first stand-out hand for me was in O8, I held 88A something and the flop came 855 with 2 diamonds.  I spent the hand pushing pretty hard to build a pot and at least 2 players coming along for the ride.  I was somewhat relieved when the river showed the last 5 to make sure there would be no low.  Of course, one of the players that remained had the 4th 5 to crush me and almost end my night.  I really hate one outers on the river.

It was a big night for big hands.  We saw 3 sets of quads and two straight flushes, one was a royal and was hit in Stud.  Wow.

I can't really complain.  I started completing some hands and won a few nice pots to continue my night.  I took a few breaks to play Falstaff's guitar hero.  I don't think most of the folks there realize how much fun I had playing that game.  Sometimes, I entertain my self really well.

Another memorable O8 hand gave me TT2A with the 2 and A in Clubs.  The flop gave me an A high flush with 3 clubs, one of which was the Tc.  The hand had four callers and I think it was capped.  The turn was the Kc I think, which allowed some other lower flush to get more aggressive.  The river paired the 2 on board to give me a tens over 2s full house.  Unfortunately for Falstaff, that 2 gave him a lesser full house (2s over Ks maybe).  In any case, I scooped that pot pretty much insuring that I'd have a good night after all.

I made the most out of the last half of the night and ended with a profit around 230 points or so.  This coming week is to be a tourney followed by cash games at BGs.  More fun to be had.

Conversation Topics

  • Guitar Hero (How to play and demos)
  • Room available at the Monte Carlo
  • I know/knew of Don Lochman
  • "Is that the customer in Hawaii"
  • Razz sucks (times about 20)
  • Nate: "I raise" (times about 150)
  • To Nate: "You're Jewish - Are you going to audition for Anne Frank?"
  • Many favorite lines from "Blazing Saddles"
  • This is my friend.  He is a Republican.
  • Electoral Dysfunction

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I think I may have been wrong about my guess according to this statement..

'I made the most out of the last half of the night and ended with a profit around 230 points or so'