Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Notes from Tucson

I like Tucson.  The weather in the middle of winter is really nice.  Lows have been in the 30s and highs in the 60s and 70s, and, of course, it has been very sunny.  I'm sure this is off-set in the summer with highs in the 210s, but not this week.

Traffic has been very low.  I've driven the morning and afternoon rushs each day this week and could barely tell that traffic was increased over midday.  I've been on the out-skirts of town (from the airport thru the AFB to the east side for those who know anything about Tucson).  The drivers are fine, but Charlotte drivers make just about all drivers look that way.

Speaking of the air force base (Davis-Monthan Air Force Base), they have a very cool (for me) airplane graveyard here in Tucson.  As you drive along Kolb Ave through the base there are dozens of military aircraft on both sides of the road.  Even my untrained eye spotted C-130s, A-10, F-15s, A-7s, Cobra Helicopters, C-5s, and others that I can't put a name to. 

Then, just around the corner is the Pima Air Museum.  They have a ton of vintage planes sitting out in the AZ sunshine.  I saw Russian Migs, an old Air Force One, B-52s, A-4s, an A-6, F-14, some old delta wing fighters and a supper guppy transport plane among dozens of others.  And that was just what I could spot while driving.  I think they keep the good stuff inside.

The business part of the trip started much worse than I expected.  I really didn't need to be there.  I made the best of it and learned a ton about Biztalk.  The meetings turned around on day 2 and I got to make some presentations that really helped the customer out.  I think they will have me back for some training.  I'll have to schedule an extra day to play poker and tour the aircraft.

Speaking of poker, I did manage to go by the Desert Diamond Casino last night.  No limit poker is not legal in AZ, except in tournaments.  They did spread a $2-20 spread limit game but were only taking interest last night.  I put my name on the list but the game never came together.

I ended up sitting at the $1-3 limit table.  This is not the poker that I wanted to play, but it was better than sitting in the hotel room.  I got up about $50 in the first 45 minutes and then the cards took their all-to-familiar turn and I never won another hand.  I didn't even have any hands that would have won had I played every hand.  It was bazaar, yet familiar.  In 2.5 hours of play, I ended the night down just over $50.  I'll have to count that as good play considering the cards.

Now it's off to Vancouver, WA (across the river from Portland, OR) where I have a business meeting tomorrow and then home on Friday, but not before stopping by Vegas for a few hours.  See ya.


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