Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Four Ss of Jewelry

Special K, don't you mean the four Cs of diamonds? No. If you are asking that, you don't know Dr. K.

As a reminder, the four Cs of Diamonds are Color, Cut, and Clarity and Carat weight. They are important, but the 4 Ss can be applied to any jewelry purchase and is a can't miss strategy.

Dr. K's 4 Ss of Jewelry are Sparkly, Shiny, Substantial (as in size), and 'Spensive. It is the road to what every woman wants.

When I went to Europe recently, my wife repeatedly reminded my that she wanted something special and it was to abide by the four Ss of Jewelry. She ended up with a heart-shaped pendant that I found at a gift shop near The Louvre. I think she is willing to let me practice some more.

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