Monday, May 12, 2008

Poker this past week and Bodog

Look out. Here comes an actual poker post.

It was an up and down week at the poker tables. I've already written about the trip to the Desert Diamond where I made $90 and my minus 20 chips at the Falstaff home game. I attended a tournament at a new location on Sunday afternoon and evening. I knew a little over half the players from said home game and the others looked to be pretty basic tight players.

As is my winning formula for tournaments, I played tight in the early going. I played just enough to tread water. I had about the starting chip amount when we moved to the final table. Then, when we got down to the last 6 players or so, I changed gears to getting good cards and winning monster pots. When I write my poker book, No Shit Poker, this will be a key point. Winning the tourney did require a major suck-out when I ran my QQ into KK and caught a Q on the river. It was brutal. That makes up for one of the ten or so times it's happened to me.

I lost a big pot to the knife when my 2 pair was counterfeited on the river (suck-out count back to even on the night) but got all those chips back and crippled Jim when my AQ hit a Q on the flop and the Knife's Q-low kicker didn't improve. Me and "TheMan" got heads up and took 20 or 30 hands to decide it. I don't remember the final hand exactly, but it was a lot like the hand with the knife. I think my KQ hit a K on the flop and TheMan's K10 didn't catch up. That was good for a 120 chip profit.

I proceeded to give 40 chips back at the cash game before calling it a night. If chips were dollars, that would give me a $150 profit for the week. I can live with that.

One thing I may do with the profit is invest it in a trip to the WSOP. Bodog is running an online poker tournament that could lead to a cheap trip to the WSOP main event. Seats start at $1.50 (that's my speed), but you can buy in at higher levels up to $250+20 for a semifinal seat. Somebody's going to win it. It might as well be me. I think I'm ready for some unbelievably rapid wealth.


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