Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's Vegas Time Again

This will be a quick hit and run.

I've been in Tucson this week running a technical workshop for part of the government. The class has gone smoothly even though I think half the class got mentally lost on day 2. They are still sitting there listening which is what really matters.

I've had a colleague along for this trip which almost always makes the trip more fun. It gives me someone to have dinner and conversation with at the end of the day instead of room service and TV.

But that all changes today. I should finish the workshop by 3 pm, drive to Phoenix and hop a quick flight to Vegas where I will meet up with 2 friends who are already in the air. I'll have tonight and tomorrow in Sin City for much pokerage. I'll head home on Saturday morning. I've already got my first class upgrade out of Phoenix, so I should be pretty well buzzed when I hit the strip.

I plan to be back in Vegas for a longer stay in a couple week for the Blogger Summer Bash. I guess this will be a warm-up. There may or may not be an update on this blog tomorrow. The update will be more likely if I'm winning. :)

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