Saturday, May 10, 2008

Off the road and back to the keyboard

I've been on the road again. This time I haven't felt much like writing, so I didn't. So there.

I had a good customer visit to Tucson this week. There was not much remarkable about the trip. Everything went well. I had a colleague along which always makes the trip more fun. She will be taking over this account in about 2 or 3 weeks, so this was introductions for the customer and her. I think that part went pretty well.

We did drop by the local casino on Tuesday night. The colleague dropped about $85 in the slot machines. I left with a $90 profit at the poker table. The most interesting part was the structure of the game. Arizona does not allow no-limit hold em, so the game was $2-100 spread limit, which played just like $1-2 NL.

I took the red-eye back on Wednesday night to be in CLT for a special occasion. I'll have more to say about that in another post.

Last night was poker at the Casa de Falstaff. The night started slow, but my luck started running better when Nate the Elder showed up. He had many second best hands to me, usually involving 75-100 chips in the pot. I think I got close to 4 times my starting stake at one point. Then the cards dried up. Actually, they were never really that good all night. I caught trips once and a straight once. Those were the best hands in hold em. Omaha was even worse. I couldn't buy the card I needed and Falstaff couldn't miss.

The hand that would save my night was just stupid lucky, but it happened and kept my losses reasonable. I limped with 2h4d9s7s or something closely resembling that. Pretty much everybody limps on every hand in this game. The flop brought a 6s, a red 10 and the As i think. A 5 chip bet was made and I called. The turn brought the 10s giving me a 9 high flush and a good shot at the low. I moved all in for my last 24 chips. Falstaff is pained, but he folds (of all the people on earth, he only folds to me he says later). The knife calls as does NtE. The river is a beautiful red 3, giving me the nut low. After the betting completes, the knife shows his A3 for what would have been a better low. I show my nut low (A2346) and my 7s9s flush high. Falstaff screams a profanity as he had folded a low full house. So I did a little better than tripled up to get me back near even on the night.

Falstaff (aka The Omaha Card Rack) was the winner of the night netting 240 points on the night.

My next post will be about Chapin Hall, Meckenburg County's new DSS facility. It is more exciting than it sounds, I promise.

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