Friday, June 16, 2006

My Most Beautiful Sights

Today, I got my work done early and had some time to go see the sights. Since I was near Los Angeles, that made for quite an afternoon. I ‘settled’ for a walk on the beach between Santa Monica and Venice, what most folks know as ‘Muscle Beach’. The weather was beautiful so the walk was nice.

The walk got me thinking about all of the beautiful things that I have been privilged to see in my life and I’ve tried to compile a list. You are welcome to agree, disagree, or make suggestions that I may want to add.

First, some honorable mentions:

The night sky at Lake Jackson, WY – The clearest, most beautiful sky I’ve ever seen.

Home after a long trip

Sunset over Panthertown Valley, NC

A No-hitter – It will make the final list when I actually see one.

Rolled up aces over kings – Oh, no, that’s what always cheers me up.

Sunrise at Lake Jenny, WY – Best view of the Tetons.

And now the list (in no particular order except the last item):

St. Peters Basilica and the Sistine Chapel – Several of man’s most awesome accomplishments in a pretty small place.

Yosemite National Park – Nature at it’s finest.

The Fly-over before the start of a NASCAR race - Pure Chills, expecially if they are fighter jets.

The waterfalls of North Carolina – There are so many and most are wonderful destinations. If I had to choose one area, it would be the Horsepasture River in Transylvania County. If I had to choose one waterfall, that’s tough, but I would go with Rainbow Falls on the Horsepasture.

The Rocky Mountains from the top of Breckenridge Ski Resort – A beautiful winter scene if ever there was one.

Hunama Bay, Oahu, Hawaii – The colors, the fish, everything was just gorgeous.

The Fountains at the Bellagio – This one may seem out of place, but I do love watching those fountains. Maybe it’s the waterfall thing in reverse. There is one particular song that stands above all others. When the fountains dance to Sarah Brightman and Andres Bocelli singing “Time to Say Goodbye,” I get chills every time.

A P-51 Mustang in flight – If you don’t already know, I can’t explain it. If NASCAR ever did a fly-over of P-51s and P-38s, I would probably pass out.

And number one –

The first sight of my wife on our wedding day – I feel like I have always loved Mrs. K, but the sight I got of her on that day as they swung open the doors at the back of the church is one that I will carry with me and cherish forever.

I’ll probably think of some things that I forgot and add to the list.

Next stop, Vegas, baby!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Top 9 Replacement Phrases to give class to your class-less game.

9. “Way to hang in there.” (Instead of “Do you have a clue at all, Sherlock?”)
8. “My cards are a bit cold.” (Instead of “Does this deck have any aces?”)
7. “You really know this game.” (Instead of “Keep playing like that, donkey, so I can get my money back.”)
6. “Great Instincts.” (Instead of “You called my raise with THAT!?!”)
5. “Nice Catch.” (Instead of “You didn’t even unbutton your pants to pull that one out of your a$$.”)
4. “You are on Fire.” (Instead of “You should be set on fire.”)
3. “I got lucky on that one.” (Instead of “… lucky that I’m playing with such idiots.”)
2. “Looks like short night.” (Instead of “Where the hell did all my money go?”)
1. “Nice hand” (Instead of “$^*#$ %!#$% ^& $^* !@&%#@!!!!!”)