Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surburban Rock Hill Freezeout

As good as the ending to Sunday’s game was, this was bad. At least the buy-in was relatively low. I drew the A and, therefore, the dealer button as my seat. It would be the only thing I won all night. Actually, that is overstating it. All night only lasted one hour and 5 minutes.

I started by seeing two flops in small raised post with suited A. Neither hit. I fold to bets on the flop. I played suited J-6 from the big blind. Hit the flush on the turn when I had to call an all in for 2/5ths of my stack. All-in had suited Q to take it.

Next hand I'm playing 4h5h from the small blind. Me., button and big blind play unraised. Flop is a flush with a 4. check-check-check. Turn is a 4. I bet, bb folds and button raises 100. I call. Turn is a blank. I bet another 60, he calls and show the other 4 with a bigger kicker. One orbit complete and I’m down under 600.

I play QK to a small raise. Flop is a blank for me. Falstaff bets and I fold. He gets one caller. Turn is a Q and river is a K. They both run up a good pot and Falstaff’s paired 8 is beaten by the callers pocket 10-10.

I sit quiet with dead cards through the next level looking for something to push. I get QQ second to last hand before the break. I push the 300 left. Player (Matt) on my left insta-calls and one other player calls. Matt pushed him out on the flop and turns over AA. I don’t impove. I'm out first.

I made no bad plays that I can see but still did not win a hand. That's the way it goes some nights. Falstaff is down as well and is the next player out. We hit the road and I'm home by 10:15.

On the bright side, we didn't waste a lot of time just to go out on the bubble and the buy-in wasn't very high. It is also a lot easier to remember all of the hands I played.

Monday, July 30, 2007

A good day at the Web Bank

"Your EFT withdrawal request has been submitted. Please allow up to three business days for your request to be processed. "
-- Neteller

It's not much by some standards, but the $265 that was just released will sure be nice to get my hands on. Considering that it was down to $.25 at one point, it's like pennies from hevean.

A good night at the table

Yea, it was a very good night. The gang gathered for a special Sunday edition of the Falstaff home game. Schedules had been busy with plays, charity rides and some work thrown in here and there. All of which means that we hadn't gotten together is a few weeks, so we finally found the time last night.

I started out pretty good by pushing Falstaff off of two good pots with a set of 3s and a flopped nut flush. I only showed the set. I took another good pot when my all-in with a set of 2s got two callers and held. That got me up near $100. Falstaff noted that I had raised three times early in the night which doubled my total for the year. I like the tight image.

I took a couple of beats too. Dan made a runner-runner baby flush to beat my slow-played trip kings. DavidB sucked out on my top pair of jacks by chasing a flush draw but instead hitting a case A on the river.

Nick I. hit quad 3s to take the high hand and the running bonus. John hit a wheel straight flush (I think he called it the iron wheel?) after the bonus period to felt the bonus pot. In both hands, they only held one playing card (Nick a 3 and John the A).

The big hand of the night happened on the last orbit. I was on the button with KK raising the straddle to $4. I got 4 callers. The flop was K-9-6(J). Dan led out for $5. John called and Nick A. (yes, it was a two Nick night) went all-in for $56. I hesitated a bit for show and then called. Nate calls. Dan folds and Falsteff goes in the tank chattering-on about the pot odds and having outs, but he folds (for the record he had J-10). I only have $2.50 in front of me, so Nate and I push the rest in blind on the side. Nate turns over AK and Nick turns over 9-6. Fours on the turn and river give me an unneeded boat and I raked the pot of the night.

I finished the night with $214 off of a $30 buy-in. I’ll take it every time.

We have a special Tuesday night tournament this week. Hopefully, my luck will continue running good.

Friday, July 20, 2007


Blogging is slow these days. It’s time for a catchup post.

Congratulations to Dr. Pauly, FlipChip, and all my other friends who just completed covering the World Series of Poker. They not only survived the entire 45 days, but they produced the best poker coverage ever witnessed by man. If you didn’t follow the stories, behind the scenes looks, deals, prop bets, and pictures from the Rio, then you missed out. Great job, guys.

I’ve just started a new job with the same employer. I really don’t know how much of a new job it is since I’ll be doing the same stuff with new customers. These customers are going to be larger and general more important. Some of the work we do could actually mean life or death for the end users. That’s pretty heady stuff for a database guy.

But before I get too far into the new job, I’ve got some vacation time to take. Due to the illness in the family, we won’t be going on our planned trip to Aruba. Mrs. K and I agreed that this was not the time to be gone for a week. I’m hoping we can take this trip in Dec or January. We have until April to take the trip without losing it.

My poker play is pretty stagnant. I’m not winning a lot and I’m not losing a lot. I have tried playing a few sit & go’s with one 4th of 90 cash and a 2nd out of 90 out of the money finish. The latter was a super satellite where the winner was to go on to a satellite to a $50k tourney. Maybe next time.

We’ve been getting a bunch of things done around the house. I’ve been picking things off of my list since March. My travel schedule in May and June slowed me down, but I’m home now with at-home vacation coming up, so I going to put it into turbo “Tim Taylor” mode and knock out a few more items.

More catching up later…

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Surgery Update

Mr. C had a pre-surgery MRI this morning. The image showed that the tumor had grown to a point where surgery would do more harm than good, so the surgery was cancelled. The family and doctors are assessing the remaining options. Thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers.

Mr. C's Surgery

Mr. C from the last post will be having surgery to insert chemo wafers on his brain tomorrow afternoon (make that today). This has been one hell of a long road for the family. It is hard when you are on the second row like me, but it is excruciating for my wife and her mom and siblings. Mr. C is a trooper and is doing everything he can to hold on to a decent life.

The World Series of Poker moves on to Day 2 tomorrow. People will die in Iraq tomorrow. The MLB All-Star Game will be played tomorrow. It will be hot all over the country tomorrow. Mothers and wives and husbands and sons and daughters will get the news that relatives will be born and die tomorrow. Through it all, life goes on for those who are left. That’s what my logic brain tells me.

I see the pain in my wife’s eyes and the heartbreak on my mother-in-law’s face. I see Mr. C’s friends come by to say goodbye with pain in their hearts. I know it happens every day, but we feel it so much more when it happens to those who are close.

As far as I know, Mr. C doesn’t have much more chance of dying tomorrow that most any other day, but we need to say our piece, just in case.

If you couldn’t tell, I really don’t have that much of a point. I’m just dumping some of my stuff here. Thanks to those of you who pray. We appreciate you very much.

I'll update this space tomorrow or as we learn more.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Some games are more than just fun

Some friends came to my in-laws house to play some poker last night. I play poker because I like too. Most of my friends that play poker play for the fun of it as well. Last night, we played Mr. C playes pokerpoker because we like someone who likes playing poker. As the long-time reader of this blog and a few others know, my father-in-law is very sick with cancers. He actually has three cancers now and it facing more surgery next week.

Mr. C is more than just a father-in-law, friend, father, grandfather or mentor to many of the people he has come to know over the years. He is one of those rare individuals that truly touch the lives of the fortunate folks who cross paths with him. Since he has taken sick, people that worked with and for Mr. C, friends, lost classmates, and many others have been coming out of the woodwork. They express their concerns, offer to help, or just chat. His friends and family have started a scholarship in his name at UNC Charlotte and have donated over $50k to fund a full scholarship and are working toward a second. Seeing how people around Mr. C have reacted to his illness gives me peace in the knowledge of the morality and selflessness of our fellow men and women. I’ll only be able to put into words, a tiny fraction of what he means to me. I’ll have to save that for a future post.

Special K's chip tricks are much better than his gameOn Saturday night, Mr. C wanted to play poker. He has enjoyed playing cards since he played pinochle every day with his ailing father over a forty years ago. My wife told me a story about the future Mrs. C having to wait to go on a date because Mr. C hadn’t played cards with his fatheryet that day. My wife, Mrs. K, plays daily backgammon games with Mr. C now. Those are going to be extraordinary memories for her in the coming years.

On Friday night at Falstaff’s home game, I mentioned that Mr. C wanted to play but couldn’t get out. I didn’t have to say another word. Everyone that could make it was ready to go. Falstaff started working on getting Mrs. Falstaff her date in time to still make the game. Diamond Jim and T were on board as well.

So on Saturday, we all gathered at Mr. C’s casino. My cards and my game sucked really bad, but that really didn’t matter (well, in reality, I still got really pissed off and had to cool off for a while, but that is part of the game). What really mattered was that good folks rose to a good cause.

The bottom line is that Mr. C had fun. My wife, her family, and I are so very grateful. Every good night for him is rare and precious these days. You all gave him and us a great present. And you thought you just came over to play poker.