Sunday, June 21, 2009


Or should that be whoops.  This blog has really gotten ignored over the past few weeks.  It’s not like nothing has been going on.  It has.  I just haven’t felt like putting anything blog-worthy on this computer.

So let’s recap the past few weeks.

Work: I had a stretch where I had almost nothing to do.  There are two conditions that make me nervous about work.  One is having more to do than I have time to complete.  The other is not having enough to do.  Actually, those are the only two conditions of my work.  Dr. K (wife) finds a good deal of humor in that situation.  So anyway, I had nothing to do and decided to fix it by advertising that I was available.  Once the offers started coming in it took about 36 hours to fill up my schedule through August.  I’m in the Charlotte airport as I write this waiting on the first leg in my trip to DC for this week.  I also have trips to DC, Texas, and Baghdad on the agenda.  I suppose that Baghdad should be a bigger deal, but I did it last year so I know what it is all about this time around.  Once I get back from the big sandbox, the Dr. and I will be taking a nice vacation.  To where we’ve not decided.  I’d be happy to hear some suggestions.

House: I’ve made a little progress on the house.  I fixed and painted the front steps.  The steps now look great but some of the other trim work needs attention.  It’s a viscous* cycle.  I’m also about ready to start work on our kitchen.  We’ve done a ton of work on all of our downstairs rooms over the past 10 years, all, that is, except the kitchen.  I know what I want to happen and generally the order in which it should happen.  Now I just have to man-up and get started.

Family:  My uncle Richard passed away a few weeks ago.  I was making plans at the time to go up to see him and the other family in the area.  I still made it up to see my aunts and an uncle in the area.  It was one of the best visits I’ve ever had with them.  I didn’t realize it until now, but I’ve never spent one-on-one time with two of the thee.  That seems such a shame now.  Thank goodness it’s correctable.

Pool:  Due to my busy schedule, I had to drop out of the pool league.  I’m going to miss not playing.  Due to the way the league and team works, it is going to be very difficult to get back on that team when my time frees up.  I’m really going to hate that.

Poker:  I’ve played a few hands of poker since my last post.  I think I’ve made up most of my Vegas losses.  The big wins have left me for the time being, but I’m holding my own and having fun.  That’s good enough.

Last night we met at the Casa de Falstaff for the regular madness that we call a home game.  Going back to my traditional coverage of the night I’d like to document some of the discussion topics:

  • Well known poker author accused Badblood of being a cheat.
  • The people I work with are all bright, happy and funny, present company excepted.
  • Falstaff dealt with 2 deaths, a less-than-positive personal diagnosis, and the bankruptcy of a customer at a very bad time.
  • Moops (that’s Moors, you idiot).
  • Closing the Gaps
  • Bangles – super group of the 80s
  • Suicidal Leprechauns
  • Miley Cyrus thrash rock
  • Top Omaha Strategy – Fold without looking and leave early
  • Veiled reference to “The Hangover”
  • Going to the movies at the Epicenter
  • Laying naked in the air conditioning and the need for batteries

I would imagine that post will pick up now that I’m back on the road and looking at a big adventure or two (including Oki-vegas).  Stay tuned.