Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Catching Up 2015

I was punching around on old browser links today, making a small effort to clean up my work space A.K.A. my computer. I came to this blog (that I’ve had for over a decade now) and noticed that I’ve not posted here in over a year and a half. A lot has happened and a lot has changed. I’m going to post a few things to catch up:

My last post was about my brother Glenn’s cancer. That diagnosis was only 3 weeks old when I wrote that post. Since then he has had an operation to remove the cancer (13 hours), chemo and radiation to get anything that was left, and he’s been through many months of therapy and recovery. I’m glad to write that is doing great, eating well, working full-time, and enjoying life to its fullest. Here is a picture from surgery day. Check out his Facebook for more recent stuff he doesn't mind you seeing.

In July we lost our ‘little girl’ Wrigley (3rd post below). In December of 2012, we added a new member of the family named Comiskey. She was a little bundle of energy who loved to play with Fenway. She is now a healthy and happy 2 year old. In April of last year we had to say a tearful goodbye to Fenway. He was our big boy and our first dog together. He did a good job of showing Comiskey the ropes and did his best despite failing health. Here's to Fenway.


It took Dr. K about an hour to mention the possibility of getting a new brother for “Miskey.” So in November we received a special shipment from Texas named Dodger. Miskey is the greatest sister a little brother dog could ask for. She is patient beyond measure and watches out for her brother non-stop. Even when they are at doggie daycare, if one of them barks, the other has to know what is going on.

Dodger is now 16 weeks old and weighs 34 pounds. He too is happy and healthy. He’s not very good at sleeping through the night as yet, but Dr. K has made great progress in that regard. So to summarize the dog situation, we lost Fenway and Wrigley and gained Comiskey and Dodger. Here's a picture of them both from January 2015.

I noticed in the blog that I’ve said nothing about Crossfit. My friends will likely tell you that this is the only place I’ve not mentioned Crossfit. Sorry about that. I’m trying to do better, but the changes that it has made in me are remarkable. I’m not going to carry on too much here, but I feel great, can pole vault again, have done 3 Tough Mudders, and cut 6 minutes off my best half marathon time. I’ve given myself 3 injuries that have hampered my workouts since starting CF. None of the injuries were from CF. I can’t speak for all boxes, but Ultimate Crossfit is great.

Dr. K got her some new wheels. She has a trainer and is working out regularly. We both continue doing the same jobs and living in the same house. When thinks are good, we try not to mess them up.
I think that sums up the major changes. Check out my Facebook for details and check back here in another 18 months (maybe sooner) for another update. Cheers.