Friday, May 28, 2010

Turning 50 in Vegas

That was my plan anyway.  Plans change.

The location has not changed.  The fact that everyone that knows me is invited to come along has not changed.  Only the dates have changed a little bit.

I’ll make this official:  I’ll be in Las Vegas from Thursday,October 21 until Monday, October 25.  Dr. K is also scheduled to attend.  I’ve promised her either Cher or MMA. (I know.  You’ll have to ask her.)  My current plan is to stay somewhere in the area of the Venetian.  I’m not skimping on the room, but if there is a much better deal on an upgraded room at the Mirage or Caesar's, I may stay there.  I’ll update when I make that reservation.

My birthday is actually October 28, but the actual date isn’t as important as some of my dearer friends being there.  A plus from what I was planning before is that we will be there over a weekend which will give us a better selection of shows and events.  I could have done the 28th to Nov. 1th, but that is halloween.  That will be more expensive and crazy.  I’ll be over-the-hill then so I won’t need that.

So that is pretty much it. I’d like to have a nice group dinner on either Friday or Saturday.  I’ll have to work that around the show schedule.  Otherwise, there won’t be many/any events.  It will be a come and have fun time.  Hope to see you there.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gambling Tales Podcast

Show 015 is out and it is our best yet.  Check it out:


Friday, May 14, 2010

Almost Live Blogging the Shuttle Launch

I haven’t had a wild hair in a long time, but I got a hold of one this week.  I’ve always wanted to see a big rocket blast off.  With the end of the shuttle program approaching and the future of the space program in doubt (no political commentary) my chances are likely to become limited.  So with work being slow (today’s the last day of that for a long while) and a high probability launch scheduled, I decided today was the day.

1:00 am (Charlotte) – Up and atom.  Throw everything in the car and hit the road.

4:30 am (somewhere between Savannah GA and Jacksonville FL) – First stop for gas and drinks.  There has been a good bit of construction but very little traffic.  I’m making good time.  I’m back on the road in 10 minutes.

8:40 am (Titusville, FL) – I arrive in town to find that the crowds are already gathering.  I try one very busy paid lot and they are only accepting cars with reservations at this point.  I continue on to find the Moose Lodge.  I pay $10 to park and use the lodge.  That lodge has a bar, pool table, bathroom, friendly folks, and a clear view of the launch.  Perfect.  It looks like I couldn’t have done any better had I planned.

9:00 am – One Moose gives me directions to the best diner in town for breakfast.  I arrive just before the line starts to form at the door.



12:08 – Wondering when the pre-game starts

1320 (T-1:00) – L:aunch Party











2:20 (t-0:00) LAUNCH!!!!

8:30 pm – Savannah Hilton Garden

This is where I ran out of gas.  The car did fine.  I just couldn’t give a good reason to keep driving as tired as I am.  Best to get a room and some sleep and get home safe in the morning.

I was really surprised at my reaction to the whole event.  With about a minute to go I could feel myself start to shake.  My mouth went dry and my heart really picked up the pace.  I was in awe as the ship came off the pad.  I’ve seen the video hundreds of times, but to see the ship on a column of flame that seems as bright as the sun and 3 or 4 times the length of the entire shuttle is unbelievable.  And it is all done without a sound from where we were.  You don’t hear the roar until 30-40 seconds after liftoff.  It was just awesome.

It has been a fantastic day.  There’s not many things that are so quick that is worth so much time and effort.  This was one of those things and I will, baring an unforeseen ending, always be glad that I did.  Check that bucket-list item.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sell Your Vote

for the World Series of Poker Tournament of Champions.  Here’s how:

Vote for Tom and only Tom and make $$$$.

Note: this is a longshot and there won’t be much money once split if any at all, but there is no money asked for and no more personal information than your email address.  It is for real.  I’ve gotten that straight from Tom.  It think it will be fun to have a horse in the race, so to speak.


This year, the World Series of Poker is having a Tournament of Champions. Only 27 players will play and 21 of them must be voted in.

Here’s the deal.

You vote for me, Tom Schneider, and ONLY ME, and you will be part of the pool that will split half of what I win. First place pays $500,000. 50% of what I win will be split by people who have voted for me. If I win $500,000, $250,000 will be split by my voters. It’s that simple, and if I get voted in, I will be competing against only 27 players.

The site below is where you vote.

They will send you an email with a code in it. That code must be entered when voting.

After you have voted. Send this email to me and the verification email you receive from the WSOP site to and you will be part of the pool. I really would like to play in this tournament and your vote is very important to me. That’s why I’m paying for it.

One more important request. Please email this to any friends or family you have that you think might find it fun to own a piece of someone playing in the WSOP Tournament of Champions.

Please vote and then wish me luck.

Thanks again,

Tom Schneider
2007 WSOP Player of the Year