Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

It is so quiet here in my home office.  I've just spent about 4 hours around my 6 year-old nephew.  The difference in noise level from then to now is astonishing.

Our church does one of the best candlelight services on Christmas Eve.  It has always been a very traditional Moravian service.  I know that all things change, but my church is changing so fast that I can hardly keep up.  This year they installed a big projector screen in the sanctuary.  For the 30 minutes leading up this the service, the screen showed the kind of crap that you get in the movie theater.  Among the gems was bible trivia, unscramble the letters, and name this tune.  I thought is was tacky.

Tomorrow will be busy and loud and my wife's family will miss their husband/father/grandfather a great deal.  I'll miss him, too.

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