Monday, December 17, 2007

WPBT - Day 3

A full week has passed since I left Las Vegas and the blogger weekend behind.  A lot has happened since then, and none of it involved the internet, writing, or computers, so this blog did not get updated.  I do have some good memories from the second half of the WPBT, so let's go back there.

Saturday was tournament day.  I got my usual 10:30 start of showering, calling home to Dr. K and checking the internet (email, web sites, etc.).  I finished that up around noon and headed out for lunch.  Subway provided me with a nice footlong sub, chips and a drink along the short walk from the IP to the Venetian. 

Once there, I met up with Jim and we sat down at a $1-2 NL table.  I found that my cards were dead.  I mostly say, watched and waited until the 2 pm sign-in for the tourney.  During that time, I saw Jim take down one of the biggest $1-2 NL pots I've ever seen.  In short, Jim went over the top of a bet with an all-in and after much hemming and hawing, got 2 callers.  With over $700 in the pot, Jim shows his set of 9's.  Each of his opponents shows QQ.  There was no chance of a flush and the turn put an end to their hopes of a runner-runner straight.  Jim walked away from that table up about $1200 in 1.5 hours of play.

Then it was time to get down to the business at hand, the blogger tournament.  I'm not going to do a long write-up about my tournament because I didn't have a long tournament.  I got seated at one of the toughest tables in the room.  Carmen, Waffles, G-Cox, AlCan'tHang, Rooster (the eventual winner), Columbo, and others were there to take my chips.  I flopped a top set on the second hand and got pushed off of it with a big raise to start down a bit.  A few hands later I wake up with AA on the button.  There was only one caller and the blinds left, so I call.  The flop was raggedy.  It is checked to me and I bet the pot and get two callers.  The next card makes a flush draw possible.  Columbo bets and I push all-in.  He does a good job of replaying the hand, mentions that I can't have aces and folds.  I tell him later what I had.

About 4 hands later I limp with KJs and hit 2 pair on the flop.  I bet hard and and Rooster comes over the top all-in.  I've got him covered and I need chips so I call.  He turns over a flush draw and hits it right away on the turn.  The river doesn't bring a K or a J and I've on life support.  I had the champ all-in and a 60% dog and can't dodge a card. :}

Two or three hands later, I get AKo and limp.  Waffles on my left pushes and I call.  I can't beat his KK and I'm gone.  That is a shame mostly because I wanted to spend more time playing with this line up.  They were a good group.

I played some more $1-2 and broke even.  I went to dinner with BG, Skoon and T at Margaritaville.  It was a good time and Skoon picked up the check, but I'll get him back somehow.

Later, during a solo rage, I ran into a jerk at the IP who accused me of cheating by looking at my neighbors cards.  I think I was looking at his hands for betting style, but I'm not even sure about that.  Anyway, that tilted me at just the wrong time.  My cards went dead and I couldn't get him.  I finished the day down around $350 between the tourney buy-in and the final session.  Day four would be worse.

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