Monday, December 17, 2007

WPBT - Day 4 and then Home

This was one of those days of playing poker in Vegas that I know all too well.  I don't think I changed what I was doing from the first two days.  I just could not buy a hand.

I started with the usual up around 10, shower, call home and get ready for the day.  I added a long session of fix my text messaging with AT+T that took about an hour, so I was ready to go around noon.

Poker started at Harrah's.  They had a couple tables of $1-2 NL going.  I think I took the first hand after I sat down and proceeded to slowly loose about $400 there before I left.  I lost a lot of chips when my flopped 2 pair with pot sized bets on the flop and turn got sucked out on by a pocket pair of 5s hit a set on the river.  A two outer, geeez.  Shortly there after, I hand a set of 10s cracked by a one-outer full house.  Otherwise, I couldn't seem to get any playable cards.  If I got into a hand with good drawing cards, they wouldn't hit.  This went on for the rest of the trip.  I really would have been better off if I had stopped earlier and watched football with the bloggers in the IP sportsbook.  I'll regret that I didn't for a while.

Dinner with the Falstaff clan at the top of the Stratosphere was fantastic.  I really enjoyed getting to slow down and chat with the folks around me over a great meal.

After dinner, I took one more swipe at the tables at the TI.  It was late. I was playing super tight, and the cards never came my way.  I ended up loosing all but $150 of the $1k that I had at the end of day 2.  I was determined to leave Vegas a winner this time and I did, but boy is it amazing how the streaks in poker can feed you one minute and run dry as the Nevada desert for hours on end.

I caught a few hours of sleep before heading out to the airport.  I tried to get on a direct back to CLT, but it was oversold.  My planned flights when fine and I got home about 8 pm.  That's a good thing, because about 18 hours later, me and the wife were flying out. (see the post above)

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