Thursday, March 06, 2008

Corrupting Sir AlCan'tHang

After work last night, I took a trip over to the hangout of Sir Al Can't Hang.  Al was high atop his usual bar stool surrounded by a troop of locals.  I was fortunate enough to be able to visit with Al, Big Mike, Connie, and more for a couple of hours.  They were most welcoming.

The Tyler James Pub will be the location of "The Bash" in September.  I got a short tour of the facilities.  The huge room with a bar and street level access (we don't want too many drunks navigating the stairs) will make for a great party.  My calendar is already marked for the weekend of Sept. 27th.

We talked about work, retirement (Al's, not mine), dogs, baseball, Key West, Eh-Vegas, Oki-Vegas, Las Vegas, AC and more.  Connie's story about bringing a drowned puppy back to life was particularly enthralling.  My Bass ale, bacon burger and fries dinner was excellent.

I learned that the myth, the legend, the utter bullshit about Al is true.  Though he had not taken a drink since Eh-Vegas, he broke bad and ordered us up a couple of shots.  I knew the stories to be true when, upon Al asking for two shots of SoCo, the bartender asked if he wanted "your kind of shots?"  Al has his own kind of shot?  The bartender really just meant big shots, but the point was made.  These were not among the first hundred shots that Al has ordered.

It was a good time and I look forward to returning.  If you find yourself in the vicinity of Valley Forge, PA, make your way to Tyler James' Pub and knock one back with Al.  I'm sure he well be there.


Instant Tragedy said...

Don't try to go one for one against Al's Liver. He actually has THREE Livers. Alien beings have all the breaks.

Considering Okie Vegas??? I'll be there!


Special K said...

Considering Okie Vegas??? Hell yes. See post below:

See you (and all the cool kids) there.