Saturday, March 29, 2008

Technology Rocks

I made it to Germany today.  Actually, since it is 0330 Germany time (3:30 am as we write it), I got here yesterday morning.  Tonight, Germany went on daylight savings time so I'm having a little trouble keeping up with the time for several reasons.

With the Tarheels doing so well in the NCAAs, I was going to hate missing the games tonight and next weekend.  They were going to have to make the final game for me to see them again.  Ah, but this is 2008 and CBS is putting all of the games on the web.

So I'm typing this post in one window while I watch the game on  I'm pleasantly surprised at the quality of the video over wi-fi.  It's a little jumpy which I don't get on TV, but it is widescreen formated which I don't get at home.

As for Germany, I didn't do a lot today.  The plane landed around 0700.  Customs in Europe is a breeze and my rental Mercedes was ready (it's a little diesel SUV). I did enjoy cruising down the autobaun with the speedometer reading 160+. I have no idea how fast that is, but it feels real fast in a mini-SUV.  Wow.  I just calculated it and it is 100 mph.  Cool.

I got to my hotel about 0900.  My run of luck continued as my room was ready.  That let me get some rest before starting my day.  That rest took about 5 hours.  I spent the rest of the day wondering around the little town near my hotel.  Here are some pictures. 




I would have like to have gone up to the castle, but they put it at the top of the hill overlooking the town.  How inconvenient!

The Tarheels are rocking.  44-32 at the half.  If they play like that, they are going to be tough to beat.

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KajaPoker said...

AT 160kmh people were passing you and probably honking. to the ones going 250kmh you look like you're parked. good times!