Friday, March 28, 2008

Headed Out

We played a little poker this Wednesday night.  One of our players had his wife out of town, so he had the boys over to play.  I got crushed by the deck.  I won a few substantial pots early and then I couldn't buy a card that I needed.  I guess you could say I got 2nd place.  The problem was that I got 2nd over and over and over.  It's OK.  I've been on a good run and have a good bankroll built up.  I'll try again later.

I really don't have time to worry about that now.  I'm sitting in the Philadelphia Int'l Airport awaiting my flight to Frankfurt, Germany.  I've got to run a four day workshop nearby.  Afterwards, I plan to take a few days in Paris.  I hope that lots of pictures follow from my adventures.

Stay tuned.

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