Saturday, March 01, 2008

Vegas Hotel Shorthand

When Dr. K came back from Vegas last week calling the Imperial Palace the "ip", I knew this post had to happen.  Here it the totally unofficial list of shorthand names for Vegas casinos:

  • IP or "ip" - Imperial Palace
  • TI - Treasure Island, but even they call it the TI now
  • The Castle - Excalibur
  • P Ho - Planet Hollywood
  • The Gem - MGM
  • The Burnt Marshmallow - Monte Carlo (that one only lasted a couple of weeks)
  • GVR - Green Valley Ranch
  • That place where the waitresses have huge hooters - pretty much anywhere in Vegas except Caesars.
  • The Rhino - no wait, that's not a casino

I guess that's it.  Feel free to suggest more.

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