Monday, March 03, 2008

Saturday Poker

We played again this Saturday night.  Saturday night in Mooresville, NC is like being nowhere at all... Oopps.  I reverted back to that John Denver song for just a second (See the post from 2/17).  Actually, it was quite fun except for the fact that I didn't get to play cards much.  I did get off to a good start in the first orbit and probably had twice the chips as I started with.  Then I got to look at a lot of crappy starting hands and I got into a fair number of limped pots.  Considering that I had BG and Falstaff on my immediate left, seeing any limped pots is a minor miracle.

Pretty much all of the hands from there on went south pretty quickly, so I sit and sit and wait for the tide to turn.  I did donk off some chips to Twitch when I should have known that my two pair were beat.  I know how he plays well enough that I could have avoided it, but frustration overtook me and I called him down.  I later got KK, bet, got two callers and saw an ace flop.  T bet and I'm gone.  Kings cracked!  I also had Nate dead to rights when he went all in with K2 to my KJ when a K hit on the flop.  The 2 hits on the river and I get more chips (from the bank).

It wasn't all bad.  I made a big comeback late in the Omaha hour (literally 2 hands before I had to leave) to finish the night up by 12 points.  I'd have to say the patience was the only thing that kept me around that night.

Table talk:

  • Either BG really had to go bad or his nose opened up again.
  • Make a double batch (hair color)
  • It's hard to tilt listening to Perry Como (yea, that was me)
  • If T were going to get embarrassed, she would have left years ago.
  • Rosalita (Come Out Tonight) (Springsteen)

Poker this week will be on Friday and I will just be returning home from Philly, so no poker for me this week.  I'll miss the gang, but I could use a break.

One last note, I've been invited to become a contributor on a real web site -  I have no idea what form my posts will take and they will probably be few and far between.  I'm honored and excited to be a part of the LVV team.

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Jim The Knife said...

Talk about patience..... I lost all mine Sat. night.
No kidding.. I was dealt 7-3 off
about 10 times in 15 hands....
It sent my patience packing.
Lost 140 points.
Still ahead for 2008 but not by much.