Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Last 10 Days

No, not the LAST 10 days, just the few that proceeded today.  This is just a catch up post.

Things have been good since I returned from Norfolk.  I've been catching up at work, writing a little training, cleaning the inbox, reading blogs - the usual stuff.  I am getting ready for 3 trips to the west coast that will be followed by a 3 week international trip.  All of that will happen in the next 6 weeks.  It's like the adventure is just taking a little break or just reloading.

How about a random picture.  Dr. K and I attended our nephew's T-ball game this past weekend.


I don't have any kids.  This one isn't even related to me, but I caught this slide at home plate and thought is was just cute as hell.  Next time, when there is a play at the plate, he'll be ready.

We did play some poker at BG's on Friday night.  I lost the tournament.  I got an early lead when I sucked out on Skoon's flopped flush by rivering one of the four cards that turned my 2-pair into a boat.  A couple more hands were all I could win.  I took a small profit in the cash game that went until midnight.  The game broke, we raced off the remaining quarters and I won the final point that put me dead even for the night.  We broke in a couple of new players.  They weren't new to the game, just new to our game.  Welcome Brian and Dale.

This weekend the Dr. and I will attend a Cinco de Mayo party.  The party is actually on Dos de Mayo, but we are not Spanish so who cares.  The margaritas won't taste any better 3 days later.  Saturday is poker with Falstaff and Sunday I fly to Phoenix and drive to Tucson for 3 days in the fun and sun customer's air conditioned building.

OK, one more really cute T-Ball picture before I go.


That's got to make you smile, unless you are like me and that brings back bad memories.  Nah, I still smile. 



Mike said...

its your kid?

Special K said...
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Special K said...

No, I don't have any kids.