Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snoqualmie Poker

While out in the Seattle area for a professional conference, Mr. Brown and I went to a new local casino to check out the west coast poker action. We were told that the casino was well marked, so we found the place after only a couple of wrong turns. Once we arrived, we found the parking lot and deck to be very well marked.

The facility is new having opened in October. It is bigger than most casinos here in the PacNW though it would make a pretty small location in NV. Still, it was very nice and they seemed to have their place running very smoothly for such a new operation.

The poker room had 10 tables or so. We arrived around 6:30. The only games being spread at that time were $4-8 LHE and $2-5 NLHE. Those limits are a little high for my current roll and I wasn't looking to be a rock tonight (to conserve $$), but we were there to play so we choose the NLHE table. I didn't ask about other games but I suspect that these were the lowest limits available.

One rules situation occurred that I would like to get some comment on: Dealer deals the cards and 3 players limp in when the button tells the dealer that he only got one card. The nice thing to do for a player that is under no suspicion would be to deal him a card, but I'm wondering about dealing out more cards once action has occurred. Wouldn't it be easy for the player to drop a deuce or trey on the floor and ask for a card? I'm thinking a strict interpretation would call the buttons hand dead. Just wondering. In this case, the player got a card and play continued.

My night started with a few small wins as I played fast while the rest of the table settled in. As these things usually work, my luck changed quickly and for the worst. I got KK on the button and raised 3x to push out all but the small blind and the big blind. My flop bet of $30 pushed out the big blind, but the small was still around. I still had an overpair on the turn and bet $50. The small blind came over the top for $40 more. I knew I was probably beat, but my odds of beating 2 pair on the river were good enough, so I called. His flopped set of Js held up and my stack is now half of it's original size.

Not long after that I ordered dinner. Another hand about 10 minutes after that, I look down and see 88 in my hand on the button and raise 3x. I get a couple of callers which include Mr. Brown two seats to my right. The flop is something like 783. Cool. the betting is checked to me and I bet $25 which is called by Mr. Brown. The turn is a blank for straights and flushes. Mr. Brown bets $25 and I raise to $75. He calls. The river is another blank and MB says something like "I don't want to take all of your money" and checks. I think I'm good and read weakness in his statement and bet $100 (leaving me $30 behind). He calls and turns over 87o for two pair. I flip over my cards and lose. WHAT?!?! It turns out I misread the 83o that was in my hand so I only had two pair. Dammmmmmit! About this time my sandwich arrives so I decide it's a good time to take a break.

I rebuy after dinner and my luck continues unchanged. (OK, the misread wasn't luck induced) Shortly, I'm dealt JJ in early position. I raise 3x and get 2 callers, the cute asian chick (CAC) and the loose drunk (LD) 3 seats to my left. The flop is 8910 rainbow. Cool. I've got an over pair and a redraw to a big straight. I bet $25 or so and CAC goes all in for $15 more. LD and I both call and check the hand down. I miss on improving my hand and CAC turns over AA to scoop the pot.

Player's checks!

That was the final insult before things improved. I still had to limp and fold my way down to just over $100 when I got 44 in the big blind. The action folds around to Mr. Brown who raises to $25 or so. The player inbetween us folds and I go over the top for $95 more and all in. MB calls and turns over A10 of diamonds (Note: he still swears it was AQd, but he should get a better memory or his own blog). My 4s hold up through a 2-diamond flop and I double up to a little over $200.

It is now about 9:30 and Mr. Brown is wanting to call it a night. He is up about $1000 (that happens on a loose table and you are dealt 7 or more full houses in 3 hours) and wants to preserve his winnings. I'm wanting to double up again to get back to within $200 of my starting point. I put him off for a while when the following miracle flopped my way. I get JJ on the button. There are a few limpers and then LD raises to $20 or so. I call as does the rock on my left. The flop comes JJA with 2 hearts. I couldn't have reached into the deck and pulled out a better flop. I faux-check my cards to look like I'm drawing to a flush (and to make sure I have quads). LD bets $25 and I smooth call. I'm trying my best to keep the rock around, but he folds. I'm getting my whole stack in but no need to be in a hurry. The turn is a non-heart and LD pushed out $100. I explain that I'll only have another $70 behind so I'll just go all in and LD calls and flips over KK. Double up and time to go. We actually play around to Mr. Brown's blind and go.

All-in-all, it was a good night and I don't think I played too badly except for the misread. I get about 1 a year, so I can live with that. Friday night, Mr. Brown and I travel from SEA to LAS (Vegas), so there is more poker action to come.


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