Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Things that made me chuckle today

I’ve never seen anything like it before.  I was in the men’s room where I’m working this week and they had a solar powered control valve on the auto-flushing urinal.  I get the feeling that someday, these will be everywhere.  Now I’ll remember the day I saw my first one.  Yay.

I was sitting in a German restaurant in Newport News.  It’s a small place that looks like less than it is on the outside.  Only two tables were taken and one of them was mine, so ignoring the conversation at the other table was impossible.  Two couples in the 70s were chatting and one of the old guys was saying shit just to keep the air occupied.  At one point he extolled the greatness of his beer by saying “you can’t buy beer like this over here” as he enjoyed the beer he had just bought… over here.

Later, I heard the same man explain how it was interesting that the waitress in the German restaurant had been to Germany, just like him.  He said “it a small world that she was in Germany 30 years after me.”  His world is small indeed, but fun.

Another good day.  Tchuss.

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