Wednesday, June 26, 2013

My Brother has Cancer

My brother has cancer

There are no two ways to start this post. I have to just get it out there. For those who know my family, I’m referring to my older brother Glenn.  He has throat cancer. His cancer blog, he writes that it is “stage 4 squamous cell cancer of the tongue and throat.  It is active on both sides of my neck, from my head to the base of my neck.”
It was a shock when he called with the news almost 3 weeks ago.  Since then he has been to doctors in Colorado and Arizona.  Friday is surgery day at the Mayo Hospital in Phoenix.  I’m traveling to AZ to be with him, his wife, and son during the procedure. My younger brother and his wife will be there as well. I hope that makes whatever happens next a little easier.

More information is available on his website  This is also where updates will be posted. If you register on the site, it will send you email notifications when updates are available.

My Grandfather, Dad, Father-in-law, 2 cousins, and an aunt all died from cancer. Another uncle and his wife have had cancer and have beaten it so far, so this isn’t the first time through for us. It is, however, the first time for our generation and it sucks (stating the obvious, I know).
My ask to you is to please do whatever you feel may help.  Prayers help.  Post a note, story, or picture on the site. That’s what it needed right now. I’m sure more will be needed later. Thank everyone for your concern.


Aprons and More said...

Thinking of you all at this time! You all will be in our prayers!


Dan & MicheLLe Coats said...

My husband and I work with Glenn, and are praying for his positive emergence from this dark tunnel. Our son-in-law's mother, Diann, went through this cancer and surgery almost 13 years ago. The hardest part of her recovery was dealing with the emotions she had when she heard herself speak. She said she had no idea how much work her tongue did until she had the surgery. We know Glenn has a long road of recovery ahead of him, and there are many of us supporting him, praying for him, and waiting anxiously for him to return to work. We know he will be back, stronger than ever. Diann said to tell him he can do it!

Unknown said...

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