Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Business First - Solo Rage Next

I've got a few minutes and I finally feel like writing something.  When I'm home, there are some many other things that I like to do or have to do that blogging get pushed to the back burner.  Playing pool, guitar hero, paying bills, fixing something on the house, playing with the dogs, going out (or staying it) with the wife, etc. all rate higher than blogging. 

When I'm on the road, those things aren't available and so it comes time to catch up on the blog.

I'm currently in Phoenix, AZ awaiting a meeting with one of my customers.  Right now it is clear and 55 degrees here.  Charlotte is 49 degrees and raining like crazy.  I hate I'm missing out on that.

I flew all the way out here yesterday for the meeting today.  We won't start until 10:45 and I won't be surprised if we are done my lunch.  I hope we at least go until 3 or 4.  It would just be too crazy to come all this way for a 1 or 2 hours meeting.  That's what con calls are for.  I'm not even presenting at the meeting.  Hardware vendors are doing that.  I'm just there to represent my company and to stay involved in the project.

So, to make the best of a bad situation, after the meeting, I'm hopping on a plane and making the 1 hour journey to Vegas.  I plan to go solo for about 32 hours or so before flying out Thursday morning.  My rough plan is to play at the MGM tonight.  After a good night's sleep, I head up to the Venetian and Wynn to check out some of the sights and action.  Wednesday night is still to be determined.  Any offers?

Before I go, I have to report on last night's poker action.  I returned to the casino that I don't think I have ever left with money that has been placed on a table.  It has felted me every time.  Last night was no exception.  All that is allowed in AZ is limit poker.  The only no-limit substitute was a $5-200 game that sounded to rich for me. 

So I sat at a donkey $2-4 table.  I lost with flopped top trips 4 times, once to a flopped straight, once to flopped trips with a bigger kicker, and once each to a rivered flush and boat.  My top straight got beat by a rivered flush.  I think I took one or pots of any decent size.  Casino Arizona has never been kind to me and I'll never go back this month.  I only went through $100, but I was looking to kill time and have dinner.  I guess I got that, but I'm now behind for the trip.


Next up, Vegas, baby.

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