Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Vegas 2/2008

What a day!  We get to the customer site this morning and get some really strange looks, or maybe they were strained.  We are told that the SQL part of the meeting will now begin after lunch and not at 10:45 as we had been told.  In addition, they want us to speak with the hardware rep.  Curious.

She comes out and explains that they are not just giving the results of their audit, but are doing a presentation to get a contract to do the whole project.

Well that changes things a bit.  Mostly it meant that no one from our company could attend the meeting.  Yep, I flew 4/5 of the way across the country to not attend a meeting.  After speaking with my manager and the manager of the customer's team, we split for the airport.

I was not supposed to leave Phoenix until 7 pm and it was only 1 pm when I got through security at the airport.  I checked the desk about the next flight to Vegas and they gave me a seat.  I had to take a middle seat and give up my first-class seat, but it beat the crap out of sitting in the airport for 5.5 hours.  Best part that I still got upgraded before we took off.

So I'm now in Vegas and have joined the Owl Club here at the Hooters Hotel and Casino.  They gave me $100 in slot play and a table match play of $25.  I've also played poker at the MGM for 3 hours.  Since I'm not going to write anymore bad beat stories about this trip, that is the end of this post.

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