Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fenway’s Knee

Dr. K and I decided a long time ago that there would be no little Ks running around the K estate. Instead, we have 2 children that most people call dogs. Dr. K named the dogs Fenway and Wrigley. You can tell she is a baseball fan.

Both dogs are from the same kennel and both are golden retrievers. That is about where the similarities end. Fenway is the older of the two. He is male, smart, beautiful, playful, demanding, and a bit of a loner when everything is well. When he doesn’t feel well, he demands attention to the point of being clingy. Here is a recent picture of our boy:


Wrigley is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. She doesn’t have the classic good looks of Fenway. She is not very bright, can’t track, doesn’t play, loves to sleep, and is totally devoted to Dr. K. She can be funny as hell though she doesn’t mean to be. But as far as being loyal or a good pet, she is awesome.

We’ve been having a problem with Fenway over the past week and a half. Fenway blew out his knee. He was running in the back yard and snapped his ACL. I was outside with him and heard it pop. I didn’t know dogs did such things. A quick search of Bing shows that they do.

Today, Fenway is undergoing surgery to repair his leg. For the next 12 weeks we have to keep him from running or playing as he loves to do. He won’t be able to go out without being on a leash. That part means that Dr. K and I will be going out with the dog in one hand and an umbrella in the other.

I’m no parent, but watching the dog go through this has been heart-breaking. We are hoping for the best. I’ll post updates, and maybe some gross post-op pictures, here soon.


brian said...

hang in there... it's worth it to see him run and play again after he's healed..

best wishes for a speedy recovery!

KenP said...

Damn things get to you don't they?

Clancy blew out her knee. Very similar. Trip to Purdue. 1200 bucks. But worth every penny.

Dog years have caught up with my years. We both hobble more than we used to. I have to help her get in the SUV -- but she can still bounce when she see me getting ready to go out and makes a total ass of herself. And, they sure as hell potty train faster than rug rats do. :)

The recovery period was a pain. She had a sling that had to hold up to take her to do her business while she healed and then when taking early walks to aid recovery.

P.S. Black Lab and Clancy IV. They can adjust to names easier than I can.

SirFWALGMan said...

gl with the pup. He is gorgeous.