Thursday, April 08, 2010

Saturday Night Poker

Another night of hanging with friends, drinking a few beers, talking, laughing, and crying quietly to myself, a.k.a. playing the poker home game.  The faces were not much older, but were very familiar.  I arrived on time to find that 6 had gotten there before me.  There was T, Uncle Phil, Jim the Knife, Dr. Lou, Little Nick, Tom S., Brian the new guy, and Falstaff.  The conversation was lively.  Some examples:

  • Anybody but Duke (NCAA Final Four)
  • Homer and the Greeks
  • New basketball rules
  • Trip to Vegas just past (me, Jim)
  • Upcoming trip to Vegas (T)
  • My PS2 is just a Blue-Ray player

At the end of the night, I gotten shut out of being dealt or flopping great cards.  I remember getting QQ once and JJ once that had to be tossed quickly.  I saw Q10 too many times to count and lots of trash.  I picked up enough orphans and caught a river or two and managed to only lose $30.  If that’s a bad night, I’ll take it.

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