Sunday, April 18, 2010


A friend who will remain nameless (just because he would rather I promote his shit) is participating in a spoken word performance in a couple of weeks.  The theme is “Sorry seems to be the hardest word.”  He already has some work on his blog and plans for more.

I don’t really count myself as a writer.  I have several friends who’s blems I’d be happy to call my own.  I can sting a sentence together and get a point across, but it usually lacks for timing or wit or the creativity that makes reading a pleasure.  That reflects a big part of my personality.  I’m usually more on the logical, straight ahead side.  But on the inside, my brain makes some connections in very odd ways.  Sometimes I get some really cool ideas and look brilliant.  Most times the result is garbage and is tossed before it ever starts the journey out of my mouth.  Other ideas pass the smell test and make it out only to melt into the stinking pile of poo that they are.

All that is leading up to an attempt to see what comes out when I try to put the ideas around the word ‘Sorry’ in this post.

Can hard be easy? Does say equal mean?

So easy and fun getting getting there

So easily seen.

Don’t see sorry coming

but easy to avoid

‘So sorry’ doesn’t lower us enough

Regrets sail into the void between us and float away

Apologies are much too long and I lose track

Insincere, sorry is the sledge in the old one two

Impossible to drop my guard and give it true

only for lack of try

True sorry need not be said

Sorry, not right now.  Too hard.

I wish it was better.  Sorry.

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