Monday, April 05, 2010

Overdue Vegas Trip Report

No excuses.  Let’s just get to it.

This trip ran from March 7-10.  There was a plan where I could be stopping in Vegas at the end of February.  That trip was cancelled when a customer I was to visit pulled the plug. When my next planned trip (end of March) fell through, I hooked up with Brian the Red and crew and headed out with the gang.

The digs on this trip were the suites of the Venetian.  Thanks to Papa Skoon, I had a bed for one night and a sofa for 2 (which I didn’t use much).  I’ve not stayed at the V before.  It is the location of the best poker room in town so I always stay close.  I doubt I would fork over $200+ per night when other good alternatives exist for under $80, but it was very nice to be so close and in such a nice room.  Thanks, Skoon!

Now for the bottom line.  I was in Vegas about 70 hours and played poker for 34 of them.  More importantly than that, I won at poker.  I didn’t realize it until I double-checked the numbers.  Here it is in graphical form:


The red line on the chart above is the running net for the trip.  I actually thought I had lost a bit less than $200, but either my math was off or I lost more in random machines and roulette than I remembered.  You will notice that I peaked on Monday with an 8th place at the Venetian Noon tourney, then had a horrible time until Wednesday morning when a furious run brought be back above water.

I got a couple of interviews for the podcast while in Vegas and laid the groundwork for more in the future.  Those interviews are planned for show #012 to be released on Sunday. 

We did visit Aria and City Center.  I’m not real impressed.  It would be spectacular anywhere else I’ve ever been, but so are many resorts on the Vegas Strip.  The poker room was OK, as was the decor.  The staff was polite without being overly enthusiastic.  I’ll probably go back sometime, but I can’t think of a good reason right now.

I’m not sure when I will get back to Vegas.  There may be a trip to AZ in a few weeks, so maybe I can schedule a stop-over then.  I’ll definitely be making a trek out in October for my birthday.  Anyone who wants to party is welcome to join (almost certainly Oct  22-25, maybe one or two more days).

There’s been lots else to write about in the past few weeks.  I’ll get that out shortly.

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