Friday, April 16, 2010

I don’t know if I’m a-gonna go…

I guess that title would refer to going home on time now that the volcano has blown.  It seems that a little volcano has popped up between me here in Germany and home in North Carolina.  Flights are spotty at this point.  For instance, my return flight, US 705 ran on time yesterday.  Today’s flight is cancelled.  I’m not schedule to get out of here until next Saturday and everything could be all clear by then.  Last time this volcano blew it kept blowing for a year.  So maybe it won’t calm down before next weekend.  You can be sure that I’ll be following it closely.

That begs the question: If I do get a forced vacation here in Europe, what should I do?  I would expect that I would have some time to put around, but can’t go too far from the Frankfurt-Mannheim area of Germany.  Think day trips.  I could take some time off and go further afield if there was something really interesting.  I’d be in big trouble is I went down in to Italy without Dr. K, so that is out.  I’d get in trouble in Greece for the same reason.  I’ve been to Paris and don’t have any reason begging me to go back.  I’ve also been to Amsterdam and London.  My job requirements would keep me from enjoying Amsterdam fully anyway.

Monte Carlo sounds like it might be worth a look-see.  One thing I would be looking for would be good pictures.  I did bring my good camera with me, so picture taking would be my primary task/recreation.  Finding a good poker game would be a big plus.

Well those are the parameters.  Any ideas are welcome.

I guess I will perhaps also have to think about exit strategies in case flights from here going west still look bad in another week.  Thoughts that have popped into my head include flying back via Moscow or Madrid, or catch a cruise out of England.  They do still have trans-Atlantic cruises, don’t they?

This is shaping up to be another adventure.  I sure am glad I’m on my employer’s dime.


Brian Gregor said...

best of luck and adventures!! Keep us posted..


BWoP said...


Stay safe :-)

Anonymous said...

What about touring the Porshe or Mercedes car plants? They are not local, but the autobahn might be an adventure along the way. Hope your stay is pleasant.