Saturday, April 17, 2010

Morning Stroll in Heidelberg

I am so freaking spoiled that I get to do this just for working.


This guy is holding a mirror asking “See the Monkey?”


View from the Castle


DSC_1887 - Copy

Looks like the guy from Monopoly as a gargoyle.


Favorite restaurant (Vetter), my hotel (Hackteufel) and the iconic bridge.  Sweet setup.

 DSC_1893 - Copy

Note the pattern in the sidewalk in front of the Cafe Gundel.DSC_1913

Ever wonder what happens when you blow half a tower off then let it sit for a hundred years? 

DSC_1939 - Copy 

DSC_1880 - Copy


Aprons and More said...

Great pics! Love the pretzel sidewalk..very cool!! Thanks for sharing with those of us who willl never get there!

Andrew said...

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