Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Heidelberg II

It was back to Heidelberg tonight. We visited an old druid site high on a mountain overlooking the town.

Then it was down into town to partake of some of the local flavor, specifically brats and bier.

The city is particularly beautiful at night.

Tomorrow, Tracey arrives and I finish up with the work portion of the trip. I have no idea what kind of internet connectivity I will find elsewhere on this trip. I'll do my best to post the best pictures and stories as we go along.

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Clyo said...

Wow, great pictures. Thanks for sharing so much about your trip.

I took German in high school and college, always meant to go to Germany.

I haven't made it there, or to Italy yet, but I spent a month in Paris. It was fabulous in so many ways, but since my French is abysmal and I was alone, it was a very lonely month and, like you, I was so happy to come home to English speakers.