Saturday, September 03, 2005

Starting a new site

Like so many other, I started a blog. Like so many others, I like to play poker. So, like so many others, I write a blog about poker. I actually enjoy blogging much more than I expected to. I love looking up the activity, seeing if any comments have been left, and that sort of thing.

I tried running my first site at MSN Spaces, but the traffic was lacking. For a reader to leave a comment, he or she had to have an MSN passport. I like hearing from readers so I'm looking for a better host. I've seen many other poker bloggers using blogspot, so here I am.

I try to concentrate on the things I enjoy. I already mentioned the the poker. I will tend to write about poker happening here in North Carolina. That doesn't amount to much, so I'll find other interesting (to me) topics in the poker world. I travel a lot in my job, so I'll write up some info about the places I play.

You'll also see a lot of my photography. I'll post some greatest hits to get that started. We'll also discuss politics and people. Let's have some fun starting now.

Everything from here down is from my old site for your convenience. :)


Saije said...

If you want to increase your traffic you might consider some of the blog exchanges like or or Not that I'm a blog expert.

Special K said...

Great ideas. Thanks

omahacheeks said...

Are you a survivalist or reenactor? My husband does WWII reenacting. Just wondering.


Special K said...

No, but I enjoy what they do.