Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Straight Flush #3

Last night, while playing pub poker at Angry Ale's, I hit my third ever straight flush. This was the second time I've hit one in a live game. This one was done the hard way with a J7 of diamonds in the big blind. I would usually not play this hand, but there was no raise and I saw the flop for free.

It was early and I've got about 1000 from a starting 1200. Blinds are 20-40 or so. The flop came out 9d 8d Blank giving me a flush draw, and inside straight draw, and the straight flush draw.

I check on the flop. I'll mention that the caller to my left was a beginning player who had been calling everything down all night with nothing at times, raising with any pair and generally playing poorly, but he was just coming off a big suck out, so he had some chips to play. He bets 50, the other player calls, as do I.

The turn comes with another 8 and I check again. Lefty bets 50. Call. Call. The river, of course, comes with the 10 of diamonds completing the SF. I know it is a tell and a half, but I go back to my cards to double check the SF. I check. Lefty bets 200 and gets a call. I go all in for 650 more and lefty calls. The other player folds.

Lefty turns over 10 10 for a boat. I exclaim "you don't see many of these" and turn my hand over. The table reads my cards and pushs the stack to lefty. I can't believe that I have misread my hand, so I look again. "WAIT", I say. "That's a straight flush!". Then I hear various "Oh my God"s and "Holy Shit!"s around the table.

I go on to finish 6th on the night.


Anonymous said...

In the first paragraph you say you flopped a straight draw, a flush draw, and a straight flush draw... but if you were holding J7d, and the flop was 89T with 2 diamonds, then you flopped a straight, a diamond flush draw, and a straight flush draw.

Speaking as someone who saw your Royal Club Flush before: YOU LUCKY BASTARD!


Special K said...

My bad. The flop did not include a 10. That must have been a blank. Lefty had 10 10 in his hand giving him quads under my first telling. The flop was 8d 9d blank. Sorry for the confusion. Now you see why I double checked my hand. :)

I'm fixing the original post to avoid further castigation.

Special K said...

And let us not forget that you not only SAW the Royal Club Flush before, you LOST to the Royal Club Flush before.

Anonymous said...

Nope. I was out of that hand. I believe it was a certain Mr. Math-challenged security friend of ours who did. It was 3 way at that point and I was just an observer.

I would remember having lost to a royal...