Thursday, September 29, 2005

Things in Europe that you don’t see in the US

Doorknobs with a button on top – the knob doesn’t turn
Cigarette machines on the street (“You must be this tall to smoke”)
Trains that run on time
Train crossings that cannot be driven around
Carbonated drinking water (I’ll be seeing that one more often now).
Towel Warmers
Toilets that you can stop mid-flush when desired.


JoyC said...

I just looked at the blog and have to say that those pictures are breathtaking! Please post all you can, I'd love to see them! Have a wonderful trip!

Joy Chappell

J's Girlfriend said...

Do you really not have bidets??

Special K said...

In the USA, I have only seen bidets in one or two New York hotels, but they don't count as New York is as international as Rome or London. Perhaps I am just shletered. :)

Mr. Birmingham said...

After reading this post I am more sure that spain does not belong to Europe. I've NEVER (in 20 years) seen a train on time there!