Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Ramstein to Zermatt

Today was train day. Tracey and I spent all day getting from Ramstein in Germany to Zermatt in Switzerland. It took 5 different trains from 9:00 in the morning to 6:00 in the evening. My best call of the day was the first one. We awoke to find out the, once again, it was raining. The clouds were high and broken, so it was tempting to try the 10 minutes walk to the train station instead of playing it safe and get a cab to take up up there. This was day one of the vacation part of the vacation, so I opted for the cab. As soon as the time came to leave for the train station (same time whether you walk or ride) the rain kicked it up a notch. It would have been a bad start on the day had we walked.

The rest of the trip when much smoother than I had imagined possible. I had many nightmare scenarios in mind. We have reservations for all of our train rides, so if you miss a train, we may not get a seat, or at least a good seat. We made one connection by the skin of our teeth, but we made it.

As we ride, Tracey and I are listening to a book on tape titled Courting Trouble. So far it is making the train rides go by very quickly.

The highlight of the day was the ride from Brig to Zermatt. The Alps are amazing. I snapped a few pictures, but they won’t do the scenes justice. The sky is very blue, the mountains are very steep, and the villages very quaint. You get beautiful scene after beautiful scene.

We are in the Hotel Romatica. The room is small but very nice. The bathroom looks like it has been remodeled recently and the view is very good. There is no internet access which means that this post is going to be late. There is satellite TV, but that won’t get much use from us.

Tomorrow is sightseeing in Zermatt which hopefully includes the Matterhorn and hiking. What ever we do, I will get more pictures.

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