Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Back in Charlotte - Part Two

Once we get to Philly the inspection insanity continues. Everyone in life has gifts. Some folks have photographic memories, some are great looking, and others can read opposing poker players. I have a give for choosing the queue that will take the longest possible time to get through and I was in high gear in the Philly airport.

We start by going through the passport inspection. At least 6 people in front of us have issues. I think 4 plane loads of passengers pass us in the other lines. Then we go to get our baggage. You must get your bags to take them through inspection, even if you are connecting to another destination. Our bag come out dead last. GREAT.

So we take our bags over to Bag Inspection and get in the queue. I like the single queue that feeds multiple stations. You know the drill, like at the post office were everyone is in one line and you wait for the next station to come open. That way you don't get in line behind the old lady who is mailing her Christmas cards one at a time. So I'm feeling good about this one line until we round the corner and get split into tow lines. One line goes directly to the nearest station and the other bows around to the far station and is twice as long. Guess where we get sent.

So I'm tracking the family that was behind us in line and got put in the short line. We get about half way to the station before they are through their line. GREAT. Then my karma really kicks in. The machine servicing my line breaks. The TSA folks fiddle with it for a while and then direct our line over the other station. Now keep in mind that everyone in the short line was behind us in the long line. So, to be fair, the guard starts alternating between the people in the tow lines putting us further back. This includes several families of 5 or more from the short line. It must have taken us 30 or 40 minutes to get through this crap. And if you want to make Mrs. K angry, start telling the guards and TSA people how messed up that are. Boy did I find that out.

But that isn't the best/worst part. Once we get through Bag Inspection we get dumped out into the unsecured part of the terminal and have to go back through inspection to check our bags to Charlotte. That makes a total of 5 inspections for our two leg flight. What an insane waste of resources, but it's our government sometimes.

After this experience and the recent hurricane relief, I'm starting my own "Government is a Blunt Instrument" theory. It is little good when technique or subtlety is necessary, but for war and taxes and hassling airline travelers, it can be most effective.

The rest of the trip went well except for the plane to Charlotte taking off an hour late. My mom picked us up at the airport, took us by Wendy's for some food and then home.

I slept good that night (that usually happens after a 30 hour day) and woke up the next morning (Friday) to go pack my cube at work so they could move me and my team to new digs. I didn't feel one bit of jet-lag which is remarkable. The problems I had been having with my thyroid would cause be to get jet-lagged between Atlanta and Charlotte. The medication is making a world of difference.

In summary, the trip was a great adventure. I always enjoy spending time with my wife as she is the best friend that I have ever had and I couldn't imagine taking a trip like that without her. I don't think she would let it happen either.

Now I am in the middle of a catch-up period before I head out for another 3 weeks. More on that in the next post.

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