Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vegas - Day 3 Final Event - Day 1

Things, other than my poker game, are going well. This was the most anticipated day of the trip: Day 1 of the final event of the Fiesta al Lago Poker Tournament. The contest started with 420 players. The reason for the anticipation was the pros that would be playing. It did not disappoint.

Almost every player that I could think of was there. I don’t think it will work to keep listing the pros spotted. There were just too many. About the only pros missing were Annie Duke, Clonie Gowen, and Marcel Lusk. I’ll probably think of more later on. I need to look for Michael Gratz, since he is fellow North Carolinian.

Thanks to Flipchip and the Poker Prof, I had no trouble taking all of the shots that I desired or that they needed for their site. If you don’t know about it, go visit If you do know about it, go back. There is something new every day. Amy from the World Poker Tour took care of me in getting me credentialed on short notice. Monster from Rounders (a new mag coming out in December) was as friendly as he could be as well. This just seems to be a great group of folks to be around.

I also, finally, caught up with the Poker Prof and Dr. Pauly. It was nice to share a beer with guys that I have some much in common with and to learn from their poker wisdom.

Speaking of which, I could really use some help. Most of the help just needs to come from the cards. It seems like a year since I caught a card. I tried to use some of the tips that the guys shared with me, but I still got killed at the MGM.

I did manage to turn things around a bit at a late night game at the Riveria. In that game I caught my 6th straight flush and also got paid off nicely by hitting a nut flush on another hand. But I also got some beats in that game as well. There was one older lady at the table. She spoke as if she was from Russia. She would not raise if she flopped a boat or straight flush. She kept getting trips and boats and straight and never once raised. Not once. Aaarrrrrrg.

Tomorrow it is back to the Bellagio for more poker pictures. Maybe I can get some more poker lessons.


klocko said...

do all poker players wear sun glasses when they play poker? I watch it on espn, I find your blog awsome!

Special K said...

No, all poker players do not wear glasses. Some feel that they can misslead opponents with their eyes. I think it is a little over half that do wear glasses, but I'll look around at the WPT event tomorrow to get a more accurate count.