Thursday, October 06, 2005

Memorial to 9/11 Victims

On my trip to Rome, I noticed that many streets carried the names of important dates. Sept. 20th was one such date. This is a great way to memorialize an event. Street names change very slowly. Every time someone passes the street or sees it on a map, they will remember. Imagine a child in 100 years asking the parent, "What is important about September 11th?"

I thought it would be cool to name a street for September 11th. This would be cheap for a city to do without any design controversy. The best and simplest way for some cities would be to rename 11th Street or Avenue to September 11th Street or Avenue. This way it would be easy for the post office to deliver the mail during the changeover.

Let's do a call to action. If you think this is a good idea, send an email to your local City, County, or Parish and ask that a street be renamed to honor the 9/11 Victims. Leave a comment if you plan to do so.


Special K


Ayatollah Mugsy said...

I was blog-hopping and happened across your site, so I thought I'd say hello. I'm planning a trip to Rome and possibly other spots in Europe next year, so I've found your travel account very interesting.

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John R. Sanchez said...

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Planet Claire said...

Yep. Good idea!

Cherry said...

I just got back from Rome (yesterday) and with my limited Italian noticed that they had used dates for the street names - I thought it was very meaningful

ChrisWoznitza said...

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Anonymous said...

This New Yorker think's it's not cool. Maybe in 100 years feeling will change but seeing as how certain people are using the tragic loss of 3,000 people for a political smoke screen I feel as though this tragic event has been bastardized and degrated enough. Those of us that were there will never forget that day nor will we stop fighting for the dignity of our friends and loved ones that we watched die without being able to do anything to save them.
While I think the over all idea of historical refrencing street names is a cool way to strike interests the subject matter hits a bit too hard for some of us. Like when people where shirts saying, "never forget". Even if we wanted to some of us never will forget that day.

bigshoulders said...

good idea
there is a street in Greensboro, NC that memorilizes a date for the famous Woolworth sit-in.
February One Plaza (or St--can't recall) but trust me, it exists.

b.s., in raleigh, NC

Uncle Pavian said...

You'd think a city could avoid a design controversy by naming a street September 11th Street. More likely, the controversy would be over whether there should be anything memorializing the date at all. Between the jihadists, the Jersey Girls, the 9/11 Truth Movement, the Dick-Cheney-Blew-Up-The-Pentagon people, the Nuke-The-Cube advocates, and who knows who else, well, you get the idea.