Monday, October 24, 2005

Reload Day

Today I hung out in Vancouver, the site of my next customer visit. I have really been burning my candle at both ends this past week, so I spent 90% of today in my hotel room. I took a walk to find my customer's location, went out to lunch, read email, sent email, listened to the NASCAR race and football games, and generally didn't move much. I even got in a short nap which I haven't done in 5 or 6 weeks. Tomorrow, it is back to the real world of computers. But since I've got a good connection to the internet, let's continue to relive the Doyle Brunson North America Poker Championship. Here are more pictures:


News said...

Nice to see you showing some more legg, whos the hottie?

Special K said...

I believe she is a coctail waitress at the Bellagio. She was serving drinks to the players all week.