Saturday, October 29, 2005

Poker at BGs again

The month of October continues to run bad. For Pete's sake, I feel like a discount Daniel Negreanu. I can't claim to be full priced playing a $20 freeze-out (make that 20 credit freeze-out).

We got started tonight and I get Ah2h early in the second round. The board flops A210 with 2 diamonds. I bet 300 and get raised to 600. I call. The next two cards are also hearts with both of us checking. Lucky that I was last to act and the other player mis-played the hand since he had the nut flush. But still, it put a 600 dent in my 2000 stack.

A few hands later I get AhQh on the small blind. I call a raise for 300. The flop contains a K and two hearts. I bet 300 and the only other player in the hand raises to 600. So now I'm down to 775 in chips so I go all in. It won't do this early to be down so far. He turns over a pair of 10s and I don't get an A, Q or heart to loose that hand as well. The whole tourney took about 50 minutes.

This bad run had better end soon. I think I've alread blown the profit that I had built up over a year and a half this month. Oh well, another tourney will start with this one ends in about two hours. Wish me luck.

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