Saturday, October 22, 2005

The Final Table

What an increadble night. The WPT final table of the Doyle Brunson North America Championship was everything I hoped for and more. But let’s go back to recap the whole day.

It started with me getting together with my friends (who happen to be Mrs. K’s aunt and husband) for lunch at the Bellagio Café. This place is just off of the Conservatory and overlooking to pool. What a great place.

Next I went to the Mirage to play some $3-6 Hold’em. This game went about the same as the rest. I won an early pot and then couldn’t buy the right card, but oh my table-mates could. Lost $70 before the guys from Tilt Zero Poker and Rounders Magizine rescued me. I looks like they will be making use of my photography skills in coverage of some upcoming poker event on the east coast (think Atlantic City, Foxwoods and Tunica).

Then it was time for the final table. The room was small. There was only about 100 spectators including press and TV crew. The match was fabulous. The first two players left fairly quickly. That got the competition down to four players. It stayed that way for hours with the ships moving back and forth all round the table. Finally the blinds got up high enough to start forcing some drastic action. Once the 4th place player dropped out, the action picked up, and once Gavin Smith went out in 3rd it didn’t take long for a champion. The match concluded just before 2 am after about 135 hands.

You can read about the details of the match at:

I’m going to throw up a few pictures from tonight now and many more tomorrow and Sunday when I get high-speed internet back.

Before I end this adventure, I have to give my most humble thanks to Flipchip, Dr. Pauly, and the Poker Prof for allowing me the thrill that this week has been. I would jump at the chance to help these guys out anytime and I really hope that we can work together in the future. Also thanks to BJ, Larry, Jen, Tang, Chris, John, Ernie, Lisa, and Jackie. You all deserve thanks for your helpfulness and friendship.

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