Sunday, April 13, 2008

Blood and The Bracelet

Last night was a special night at the Casa de Falstaff.  Bobby Bracelet was in town and it was Saturday night, so that must mean that poker would be played.  In honor of the Bracelet's visit, Mr. BadBlood drove up from his home in G-Vegas to take part in the festivities.

The other 8 seats were filled by the regulars of Special K, Falstaff, Mrs. Falstaff, Jim the Knife, T, lil Nick with  special late appearances by Nate the Elder and D Brown.  The night stared loose and quick with bets of 15-20 right out of the chute.  BadBlood and Bobby are used to bigger, looser games and their games show that.  Their presence made the whole game much bigger.

I think my luck on the night was about average to a little below.  I stayed pretty tight and waited for decent hands before getting involved.  If the flop hit my hand, I would bet strong and force out all but the big draws.  I rarely had to show my hands. 

One particular hand had everyone wondering what I held.  I think I made a 3.5 raise UTG+2 and got 3 or 4 callers.  The flop was something like Q96 rainbow.  D Brown checked in front of me and I fired 15 at the pot.  Everyone folded and I raked and folded.  For those interested, I had AQ.  I also made one boat and one nut flush on the night.

Once midnight hit, T and The Bracelet split the high hand jackpot and we switched the game to Pot Limit O8.  D Brown had a sick run in the first 6 or 7 hands of O8.  He was hitting just about every river he needed to mostly scoop pots. Thankfully, not much of that was mine.  One of those was a scoop against T who thought she had a nut low with A2 in her hand giving her and 8 high low hand, but the A was counterfeited on the board and D made a 7 high low hand with something like 35 in his hand. 

T got stuck for 110 on the night.   I'm sure driving 10 hours direct from Nashville to be at the game didn't help a bit.

I finished the night adding about 120 to my bankroll.  Here are some of the conversation topics that I remember:

  • The Bracelet's card cap condom
  • GPS tracking devices
  • Working in Iraq
  • "Is Nick OK?  He's been in there a long time."
  • At least they don't stink
  • Grape Vodka
  • Virgin Islands Beer
  • The Bracelet was ranked 860th in the world
  • Salsarita

Thanks again to Falstaff for hosting.

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Uncle Bracelet said...

I was impressed with everyone's willingness to rebuy. In the only other game I've played most of the players won't buy back in, or if they do it's for a much lower amount and they're gone after that.

Bobby likes the action.

Oh, and Blood split the high hand. I think my highest hand was a straight. Pretty sad. Though I doubled my money so that's a good thing.