Friday, April 18, 2008

My Boring Friday Night

*** Nothing interesting here. Move along. Nothing to read here. ***

I'm back from a week in Norfolk, VA. Falstaff is hosting a poker game as I write this. I passed in order to spend the time with my wife. It is absolute hell having so many great options on how to spend tonight. I made the right choice.

Tomorrow night, Falstaff and I are escorting Dr. K to see Reckless Kelly in NoDa. We are dining at a place we've never been and going to see live music which we never do. Should be just another wonderful and boring night.

Be sure to catch my Top Nine list on It should be released at 6 am this morning.

1 comment:

Jim The Knife said...

Most cook K to have your pic top the list. Fantastic....
Love to Dr. K
See you in a few weeks. A lot of our regulars not available this coming weekend. I'm in Kentucky.