Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Random Observations from Europe

  • They let you through airport security with your shoes on.  I guess that explains all of the planes blowing up over Europe.
  • As long as you are quite and smile, people are generally pretty nice, even the French.  Maybe I should try that in the States?  Nah.
  • Coffee in France is the best I've ever had.  I mean every cup was better than any I've had elsewhere.
  • Driving at the speed where I feel comfortable absolutely rocks.  Round-a-bouts rock.  Four-way yield intersections rock.  Basically, all of this adds up to being treated like an adult on the road (like in Germany at least) is so much better than being treated like the basest idiot (like in the US).
  • With a little bit of concentration, not much really needs to be said.  Not communicating with the people around you gets old in a hurry.
  • Why do we not use the Metric System?
  • If I were dropped on earth and had to choose one language to speak, English would win hands down.  If only two languages are used, English is always one.  Second choice?  Probably Pig Latin so as to confuse anyone who speaks English poorly (they can and do use their native tongue to confuse us).
  • Power plugs are dear.  Don't assume one will be where you need it.
  • Futbol, Rugby, and Snooker are better games than Football, Basketball, and 8-ball.  NASCAR racing is better than F1 (F1 cars are better, but the racing is worse).  Curling and Team Handball are just plain weird.
  • Public German TV limits itself to R-rated porn.  French TV does not.
  • I paid 7.4 eruos for a half litre glass of Coke near Notre Dame.  That's $10.  Yea, it had ice and lemon and tasted really good.  I can only wish death on that business and move on at this point.
  • It is good to get home.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the observations and pix! Hsbd and daughter just got back from another Italy adventure(school trip this time) and brought back bunches of pix. Between yours and theirs I feel like I went, too! Wish my paycheck was in euros...pricey over there! Keep travelling and taken pix!! Nancy :)

Jim The Knife said...

It's a shame you didn't go to a steam bath. They're mixed and all are naked. My hotel had one and I was quite surprised to walk in and find everyone nude. It's no big deal to the Germans. They're not in the least bit puritanical.
Unfortunately, all the women were over 50. Enuff said... LOL

briangre said...

and it's good to have you home, sir! can't wait to hear some stories and live vicariously..

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you stay there?

Special K said...

Because differences in airport security, coffee, highway signs, measurement systems, 3 sports, and free porn on TV doesn't come close to making any place in Europe a better place to live than Charlotte.

Now a question for anonymous, why don't you put your name and email address with your asinine comment. Embarrassed?