Monday, April 14, 2008

A Little Bit of Life Tilt

Poker teaches me how to deal with life sometimes.  Today was a perfect example.  There was no big crisis, just a series of events where the deck of life just refused to give me the card I needed.

CLT Security Line - At the airport, a woman breaks into line to get up with her friend in front of about 200 people.  At least one person said something about it.  Hint: I'm not in France any more. (see the post from 4/8/08, point #2 for an explanation).

Access to base - I spend 2 hours getting a pass to my work location for the week.  I had sent the application for this on Wednesday of last week and was told it was taken care of on Thursday.  I guess not.

Line at Subway - I allow a sailor to go into the Subway  ahead of me.  I like to do things for our men and women of the military.  Once at the counter, he orders 6 footlongs, all with different toppings.  We did have a little juvenal fun marking one sandwich with black olives as BO and the second one with black olives as #2.

Working space - I finally get to my work location and the desk I was supposed to have was taken by someone who was supposed to be out all week.  Instead, I get the edge of a desk all week.

What does poker have to say about all this.  Well, sometimes you just don't get the cards you want.  You may start out with a good hand, but the wrong cards can turn that to crap in a hurry.  So I did today what I do at the poker table.  I stay patient and wait for the cards, or at least the right situation to come along.  It always does, as long as you don't quit too soon.

Here's hoping for a rush tomorrow.

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