Monday, April 21, 2008

Boudreaux's and Reckless Kelly

Saturday night turned out alright for just about everything.  Dr. K and I met up with Falstaff at Boudreaux's in Charlotte's NoDa neighborhood.  The food and the company were first rate.  Falstaff found the Mojitas to be first rate as well.

From there we walked next door to the Neighborhood Theater for the show.  The Sons of Bill warmed up for the headliners.  They were adequate.  It was obvious that the guitar player had to tone down his playing so as not to outshine his brothers.   He did let loose in the next to last number.  You could tell that the boy has talent.

Then we got Reckless Kelly.  This band rock-a-billied everybody in the house.  They were fun.  They were tight, and they were rockin'.  Dr. K was so impressed that she downloaded a whole album's worth of their song on Sunday morning.  Anytime Dr. K has a good time, that is good enough for me, but this show would have taken a lot of work to not enjoy it.

Thanks to Falstaff for showing us a good time.  I hope we get to repeat this often.

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