Monday, June 02, 2008

I'm not in London

I'm in Texas.  Unfortunately, many of the folks on my hotmail contact list got an email explaining that I am in London and that I lost all of my money.  The bogus email asked for $2500 be sent by Western Union.

I tried to login to my hotmail account to warn my contacts, but the whole account had been hijacked.  I did get off a quick email to security and got the account disabled, so I hope the abuse will stop there.  My security contact told me that I was not the first person that this has happened to and that it was probably a brute force attack (where the criminals repeatedly guess at the password) although it could happen when using an infected shared computer which I almost never do.

In any case, I'm having to spend quite a lot of time tonight changing passwords, just in case too much information leaked.  What a pain.

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