Monday, June 30, 2008

Iraq - Day 15

It's another dusty day here in Baghdad.  How dusty?  I'm glad you asked.  Here's a thousand words on the subject:


'nuff said.

Today has been shopping and kicking ass day.

I finally caught a ride with a couple guys that were going to the big PX over at Camp Liberty.  I've been wanting to get some more presents for the folks back home.  Adjacent to the PX is a bazaar where they have a better brand of junk than the mall at Camp Slayer.  I didn't find anything I liked there so I bought the quality goods at the real official store.  I got what I need. but I'm not going to spoil the surprise by listing the goods here.

As soon as we got back I got news that a server was down and I was to go help out.  "It's probably a SharePoint issue" they said.  It sounds an awful lot like an old Asian dude yelling "You got full house, you can't lose!" (props to BadBlood) on the turn only to have the one outer hit your opponent on the river.  Sure enough, I take a look at the SQL Server and it is dog slow even trying to connect to the server locally.  I found that the memory is horribly configured.  I made the adjustment necessary and everything started working much better.  I love it when that happens. (So I lost the hand but won the session)  Like I said in an earlier post, that is what I love about the job.  I wish I could make it happen every day.

Tonight is the quarterly Camp Victory Poker Championship.  I have 4 points and it looks like 5 were needed to assure a seat.  I shouldn't have any trouble getting in.  I just have to get there by 8.  I hope to have a late update tonight -  late tonight.

Late Poker Update:  (8:25) Well, I didn't waste any time hanging around only to finish out of the money.  Of the losers, I was the best, meaning I was first out.  A quick recap goes 1) I flop top pair, I bet, call, turn, I bet, call, river, I bet, call, I got out kicked.  Two hands later, exact same thing with the exact same player.  Later, this same guy made the final check on the river with the 2nd nut straight!?!?!? I won one hand with 2nd pair when 1 guy called my overbet with A high (sooted no less). (This was really terrible poker).  Final my AA got out flopped by 77.  He got got a set, I got to go to the hooch.  I'd sure love to play those guys for money.

It was still a good day.


Joanada said...

Jesus, that picture is totally insane!

Can't wait to meet you in Okie, and have you breathe some nice fresh lake air!

Instant Tragedy said...

Wow, looks like Lubbock ;-)

Get back safe.

See you in Okie!